FINITY Multi Purpose Stretching Aid

While aiding in physical mobility and flexibility, its design encompasses the foot allowing for a comfortable stretch. The unique design alleviates stress on the heel, permits relaxed breathing, and affords superior dorsiflexion of the toes.

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Improve Your Flexibility

Move Better and Feel Great

Whether you're a beginner, a professional athlete or in physical therapy, the Finity Belt will help you to comfortably improve your mobility and flexibility. After a week of consistent use, you'll already notice considerable improvements in your range of motion and overall flexibility.

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Special Features

Improve Your Health & Absorb The Benefits

Perfect for Yoga Lovers

Additional Stability During Unassisted Stretches and Poses

Highly Effective for Athletes, Dancers or Physical Therapy

Sturdy and Breathable Strap Is Durably Constructed To Withstand Extensive Use

Perfect for Stretching the Foot, Legs, Heels, Achilles Tendon, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Calves and Full Body

Noticeable Improvement in Motion After Just ONE Week of Use

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